Saturday, June 23, 2012

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

#YBRPawty Prize Preview

We present a sneak preview of some of our delicious prizes, donated by dear friends, to celebrate Yellow Brick Road Pawty #YBRPawty.   TWTVITE HERE.

We feel that the prizes at pawties deserve of support from you all - to honour our donors and celebrate our causes, so iffen you all enters our quizzers will be pleasantly overwhelmed!!

Firstly, we have our most precious prizes DONATIONS - each one will help Spooky and Lillian fund Spooky's Treatment and allow Lillian to buy food now she doesn't get Food Stamps.

Two pairs of exclusive @Danapixie earrings!


Super Cute interactive cat toy (value $39.00) from Nip and Bones - donated by Whskr.  The little mouse disappears, so does his tail, its pawsome as they keep sneaking out! Woohoo.

Super cute and stuffed with sensational silver vine - Donated by SeattleP (also available here iffen you doesn't win them MOL!!)

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Munchkin Feast

Welcome to the Feast of the Munchkins
 ... a delightful and gregarious gathering to pay tribute to our fun-loving and happy host, Spooky Shorty, and to thank efuryone for their generous support and friendship.

On your tables you will find snacks to nom on whilst you enjoy a natter with friends before tucking into more substantial fare.

Potato Crisps & Pretzels with Spicy Barbecue Dip

Available from the bar

Diet Coke with Bacon

Gourmet Root Beer
Hank's blend, of course

Red Snapper
fishy and tasty!

Salty Dog
each served with a crunchy dog biscuit

Chocolate Milkshake
with a dollop of whipped cream

always a favourite

Fish Punch
this will tickle on it's way down!

Emerald Isle
crushed nip in sparkling toilet water

Strawberry Pawquiri

Kitten's Whiskers
Bailey's Irish Cream smoothie

 B A R     M E N U
Please place your order with your friendly barktender
 E n t r e e s

Mouse Soup
served with a side order of freshly baked nip bread

Bacon Devilled Eggs

BBQ Corn & Bacon

Bacon-wrapped Prawns

 Hot Corn, Bacon & Cheese Muffins

Corn Fritter Stack with Bacon & Sour Cream

M a i n    C o u r s e s

Blackbird Pie
guaranteed four & twenty in each pie

Burger & Chips

Lemon Chicken

Hot Dog Combo
Hot dog in fresh bun, corn cob, scrambled egg & potato pastry

Seafood Platter
calamari, octopus, lobster, scallops, prawns, oysters

Sossidge Kebabs

Delmonico's Steak
thick & juicy, served with baked potato and hot veges

with French fries & fresh garden salad

S W E E T S / D E S S E R T S
Help yourself to any of the following sweets and desserts, which besides being delicious, contain NO fat or calories!

Emerald City sweets
hard boiled, soft centred, chewy

Peach Cakes
too delicious to stop at one - take two!

Lattice Tarts
filled with M&Ms

Danish Tarts
hot or cold, tasty and sweet

Bacon Sundae
ice-cream and bacon never tasted so good 

Custart Tart
sweet crust pastry, creamy filling with meringue topping
Strawberry Crepes
filled with berry coulis & drizzled with chocolate

Peanut Butter Banana Cream Pie
with hot fudge sauce

Yellow Brick Road Cake

Thank you for joining us.
If we can make your evening any more enjoyable, please let us know!